Satellite AIS Passage Tracking Report

Designed specifically to be used as evidence to prove passage sea time in lieu of quarantine days when entering your destination port.  

Reports on any passage, anywhere in the world!


  • The report consists of a screenshot of your vessel's track from departure port to destination port, and a CSV format file containing the daily positions at noon UTC.

  • View a sample report recently accepted by Australian authorities at the port of Bundaberg.

  • Data is gathered using my MarineTraffic global un-delayed satellite AIS subscription.  This report is NOT available for free on


    Your vessel must be fitted with an AIS transponder, preferably installed according to best practice.

    If the AIS signal quality from your vessel is poor, it is possible there will be some gaps in the report data.

    You must order this service prior to departure to ensure your report is available on arrival at your destination.

    I do not warrant this report will be accepted by the authorities at your destination port, however it is probably your best shot.

    Ensure your vessel and all crew have written approval to enter a foreign port prior to departure!