HF / SSB Radio Net Schedule


Pacific Maritime Radio's HF / SSB Radio Nets are provided as a public service and are free of charge.  All recreational vessels are invited to participate.  

Please subscribe to my service prior to departure.

If you depart on an ocean passage without subscribing I can’t call you and may not hear your calls due to me either not being on air or having the incorrect antenna selected for your area.

If you would like a radio test, please contact me in advance to agree on a day to complete the test.

I will select a time and frequency predicted to deliver the best quality radio path between our locations.

Callsign:  Pacific Maritime Radio ZMH292
MMSI:     005121002

North & South Pacific Ocean, Coral Sea, Tasman Sea

0605 12353 KHz Primary reporting time
0705 6230 KHz  Secondary reporting time

 New Zealand - coastal to 400nm offshore

0735 4149 Primary reporting time
0705 6230 Secondary reporting time


Service Area