Passage Guardian Tracking

Sea Days

Passage Guardian is my premium monitoring service with global coverage designed for cruising yachts conducting ocean passages.


  • Daily acknowledgement of vessel position via email.
  • Warnings sent to vessel if PredictWind weather has high wind and/or waves in the next 24-48 hours.
  • An experienced, calm & friendly voice on the end of the HF / SSB radio or satellite phone to help you through challenging situations.
  • RCC Notification when there is no time to activate an EPIRB or initiate a distress call, or when I suspect you may be in trouble.

Simply subscribe for the maximum number of sea days you are likely to need in the year.  You can split your sea days across multiple passages.

Once subscribed, complete a departure notification form at least 24 hours prior to getting underway.


Your vessel must be fitted with both an AIS transponder and a satellite tracker such as an Iridium Go! or Garmin InReach.

Additionally you must be able to send and receive email at sea.  Typical supported email addresses are and

Note that a Garmin InReach device sends and receives short messages and is not an email service that can be used with Passage Guardian.

If your vessel has a licensed HF / SSB radio fitted, please consider subscribing to my Ship to Shore HF Radio service.