Ship to Shore HF Radio Service


Free of charge HF / SSB radio service covering the entire Pacific Ocean, Coral and Tasman Seas.  Available most days of the year.

Simply subscribe to the service and then notify me at least 24 hours prior to departure on an ocean passage.  I will email you the times and frequencies to listen for my radio calls.


  • Log daily position reports and weather observations from vessel over HF radio.
  • Offer 24-48 hours weather prediction using PredictWind ECMWF model.
  • Accept and deliver radio traffic between vessel & shore parties, including family & authorities.
  • Invitation to talk to other vessels either on passage or at anchor.

 I do not maintain a 24/7 watch for distress and emergency traffic.


Your vessel must have a radio callsign and MF/HF station license issued by the licensing authority for your flag state.  Additionally, operators of MF/HF radios are required to hold an appropriate operators certificate.

Note that my coast station license does not permit me to communicate with unlicensed ship stations except in an emergency. 

You MUST commit to listening for my radio call every day you are on passage.

This is because I plan my life around being available to call you, and you may be the only vessel I am opening my station to talk to.