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Ship to Shore HF Radio

Satellite AIS Passage Tracking Report

Log daily position reports and weather observations from vessel over HF radio to my coast station.

Offer 24-48 hours weather prediction using PredictWind ECMWF model.

Accept and deliver radio traffic between vessel & shore parties, including family & authorities.

Radio coverage includes North & South Pacific Oceans, Coral and Tasman Seas.

Free of charge and available most days of the year, service is activated by email or sat phone call 24 hours prior to departure.

Includes technical advice on how to get the best out of your HF / SSB radio!

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Use as evidence to prove passage sea time in lieu of quarantine days when entering your destination port.  

Reports on any passage, anywhere in the world!

The report consists of a screenshot of your vessel's track from departure port to destination port, and a CSV format file containing the daily positions at noon.

Data is gathered using my MarineTraffic global un-delayed satellite AIS subscription.

This report is NOT available for free on!

Requires an AIS transponder on your vessel.

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HF / SSB Radio Benefits

"Every day for 59 days Peter accompanied us on our crossing from Panama to Australia via the HF / SSB radio."

"When we had a shroud break, he assisted us on finding a safe haven in times of Covid so we could conduct repairs".

"It was comforting to have Peter to talk to on a daily basis."

"A thousand thanks Peter for your assistance and providing weather reports; it's a big ocean out there!!"


The World Leader in Wind Forecasting

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Hello, I'm Peter Mott!

I am the owner and radio operator at Pacific Maritime Radio.

Previously Northland Radio, my station has provided safety related services to recreational vessels since 2016.

I am a sailor with both coastal and ocean experience.

My background as an Internet entrepreneur, professional radio engineer and amateur radio operator supports my passion for keeping cruisers safe at sea.


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Donations assist with paying for satellite AIS, web site hosting and station licensing.

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